Monday, 31 January 2011

Mad World.... the blog title says not all boating related but I needed to get it off my chest.

A Spanish footballer (Torres) comes to Liverpool and says he is for the club and will be staying for his full contract He has just moved to Chelsea for a yet undisclosed (it will be tens of millions) sum but for a reported £175,000 per WEEK Now consider that there will be some fans that will be paying to watch him and they will take maybe TEN YEARS to earn what this person does in a WEEK ...... Ten years work - one weeks pay mad mad mad

More contentious two blokes make a sexist comment and they both end up out of work mad mad mad

Common denominator - sky. Positive action taken, I have canceled my 10 year Sky subscription. I know a futile gesture but I feel a lot better for it.

Rant rant rant rant - feel better already as these greedy arses are not getting any more of my cash.

Normal boring blogging will resume tomorrow.



Sue said...

Yeah well we can expect as much... as they get older the think of money. Out the window goes loyality in the window comes money..

They get 10% minimum on transfer fees.. Do they care who they play for?

My rant over too!

NB.BELLE said...

I cancelled my Sky subscription about 6 years ago because of this sort of thing. So that's two of us - maybe we can start a landslide?

Cheers, Chris ;-)

Del and Al said...

Yep, our sky sub went 3yrs ago as well....waste of money for a load of rubbish anyway! and as for Torres, 50 million and they didn't even play him last night.... Nice work if you can get it!!

Got off the soap box now!

Cheers, Del & Al

Anonymous said...

Good for you! A friend of mine living nearby simply goes without a tv license at all and downloads everything he wants on his 22Mb broadband. How do you like those apples Murdoch? - John White