Monday, 28 July 2008

Unexpected visits are sometimes the best

As both the lads were doing their own thing and Rachel and I had had busy weeks we decided late on Friday afternoon to go to the boat. We did not arrive until past 7 but the place was a peaceful as ever (apart from a couple on NB Snowbaby moored opposite having 'words') We had a nice meal and took a walk to Shadehouse. We were going to call in the swan but is was very busty so we opted for wine on the boat. I caught a couple of fine specimen canal fish on Friday and one on Saturday - Bream, Chub and roach

Leia inspecting the Bream

We left on Saturday lunch time after a lazy and relaxing morning - just what the doctor ordered (literally if you know me)

Now some thinking on our summer trip, plus I must finish the story about getting Waterlily back .........

Three dogs in a boat - the detail

So, we met John, Carrie, Prince and Bailey on Thursday 17th July for a long weekend on Waterlily. They had a wedding reception to go to on Friday in Newton Solney (Near Burton on Trent) so we pointed Waterlily Shardlow wise and set off.

The Weather forecast was OK, showers giving way to better weather as the weekend progressed. This was a very good forecast I'd recommend them for your boating trip weather checks.

Branston Water park was our first overnight stop. This really is the first good stop from Fradley - we could have stopped at Wynchnor just past where the Trent crosses over but the A38 starts its intrusive relationship with the canal about here and if the wind is in the wrong direction the tranquility of the cut is lost.

We had a lazy Friday start as our destination was Willington. We arrived early PM and found a nice mooring just off the visitor moorings which allowed the dogs some freedom.

Willington negatives point 1......

I started fishing and within half an hour was approached by a bloke who asked for my permit - I enquired Rod permit and he said no - Pride of Derby permit. I said I did not have one and he then asked me to stop fishing. Totally unnecessary in my book. He told me how much the Pride of Derby permits were..... and I told him I had just paid BW over £1100 quid and would be paying them another £600 in a couple of months. He then proceeded to take a Canaltime fisherman to task also. To my mind the point could have been made and let us fish on (if we had shown our Rod license, which I have) but the fact we were not seriously set up for a session, just a rod off the back of the boat made the challenge very unnecessary. Being from Derby' Pride of Derby' seemed wholly inappropriate.

John and Carrie left for their Wedding reception and we dog sat. John and Carrie's dogs like to be wrapped up in the evening so Leia had to join in....




We had had a nice romantic evening in with candles. John and Carrie had 'had a few' when they returned and we sat and talked at the dinette over a coffee. John casually announced he thought he was on fire and turned to show us his shirt in flames !! He had lent back over a candle and set himself on fire. Carrie took the opportunity to 'beat' the flames lucky for it not to have been much worse and a lesson to all over candles

Willington part point II....

Just after John and Carrie returned we walked the dogs to find some low life scum had nicked one of our (first time used) solar lights. They were only a Pound each from Morrisons but it was the principal.

Next day we set off for Weston on Trent (the Shardlow one not the Great Heywood one) and arrived in good time for another nice walk with the dogs before we walked the longish walk to the pub in the village in the evening. A friend, Tony, joined us and much beer and chat was enjoyed.

We winded Just before Weston and set off back on the Sunday and arrived back in Branston for a nice boozy meal (we drank all what was on the boat)

Monday saw us return to Fradley in perfect weather

John and Carrie at the tiller

The new marina road bridge at Willington - now full of water

Prince and Bailey were about equal in the falling in stakes, (three or 4 each) but we suspect Bailey enjoyed it more. Leia never went in once, I think that is the whippet side of her....

We got back at 2'ish and saw John and Carrie away. We than lazed about for a couple of hours, cleaned the boat and headed off home.... all in all a great weekend (apart from Willington)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Three dogs in a boat

Plus 4 humans of course.

Our guests have just left for a long trip back to Scotland after a great 5 days aboard Waterlily. Leia is absolutely wacked - she tried hard to keep up but the two collies, Prince and Bailey, were much too energetic for her.

Plenty to report to follow with pics.

Oh and by the way Willington on the T&M has gone down in my estimation.....I'll explain in a follow up post.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bathrooms DIY and sanctuary

So today I have ripped out (or very carefully dismantled) the sink and cupboard in Waterlily's bathroom. Why have I done this.....? So it is easier for large people to shower, why now - because I have a large person due on board for a short break (checking if John reads my blog)

Seriously I do not like having a shower on Waterlily. and I'm (ahem) rather slimmer than most !! However I have realised that messing with the innards of my boat is not therapeutic at all - I need a sense of stability, calm and alrightness (I don't care if that is not a proper word - it now lives in my dictionary) I will not be doing too many more of these types of jobs. The only big thing will be a full paint job - any recommendations?

So the present position is no sink, pipes going nowhere with some tiling to do then connect it all back together and shower in more comfort - it sounds better already (that and the wine I'm drinking)

So the boat is a DIY place at the moment and I am not happy about that.

I need to cruise on my boat !!!!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Leia update

Leia s settling in nicely and we are enjoying having her in the house - she is always happy to see us, any time fo the day, not like my miserable goldfish who never comes to me !

This is a quick shot of her in her slumbers.....

Mercia marina

I see Granny Buttons has picked up on the approval of the planning for a massive industrial estate close to the new Mercia Marina.

I am not sure how I feel about this. I suppose I feel a little sorry for Mark Jenkins and Robert Neff who are getting this massive project up and running. But then again its just another development in this area, it could be argued they both blight the landscape?

I have just renewed my moorings so I have not been tempted.

I took a walk with Leia and Molly my Brother in laws dog and we walked from Willington to Stenson passing the new marina entrance...

On Tuesday this week we did the same walk with Rachel and Leia and the entrance was much improved - I took this panorama shot from my camera.

Its still way too close to the A38 - when the wind blows in the wrong direction there is a lot of road noise. Each to their own I say.