Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Have you noticed.......

The first five days of the New Year I blogged every day......then I went back to work... yep that dirty four letter word. For those out cruising its the place you have to go to otherwise you cannot afford the boat and the house and the cars etc etc. Then again do I really need the house and cars. I should stop these bad thoughts now.

I am really enjoying reading a few of the blogs of those on the move. You can almost smell the woodsmoke in Sue's blogs on NB No Problem So I am planning ahead for this year but that will be the subject of another blog as it will involve a return trip to somewhere we went before but never made it to the end.... can you guess??

Other thing to note it is noticably getting lighter in the evenings now !!



Captain Ahab said...

5.00pm and stil a trace of light in the evening sky.

Anonymous said...

Hi, not sure if you are still around Fradley Junction, but if you are........

On Sunday (9th) a black and white pointer with a light blue collar followed me all the way home. She / He was such a lovely dog, but came over a mile following me and I had to phone the council to have him/her put into kennels because I knew they would not find their way back. I am convinced she's come off a barge as I first saw her at the Junction. If possible can you please ask around, and if anyone knows who she/he belongs to tell them to phone Lichfield Council because he/she is with them - thanks! Nicci

Nev Wells said...


The description does not fit with the dogs I know live on Hunts lock. However I will text my boat neighbour to let her know as she does speak with other boaters,