Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th year of blogging

I was not sure if when I started it would carry on, but it is now starting to be a really nice diary of my boat ownership.

2011 has started appearing on my blog archive....

What is interesting (to me) is the count consistency. 2010 being the lowest number of posts but not by much. Also it works out a blog every third day which is much better than I thought I would do and shows how much crap I have in my head.

One question - is it possible to back up the blog locally to your hard drive?


This will appear on the 4th but written on the 1st - I will be back at work... :-(


Starcross said...

I've never tried it, but it appears to be possible to save a Blogger blog to a hard drive. From your Dashboard go to "Settings" and "Blog Tools" and see under "Exporting".
Let us know how you get on!

Sarah said...

I back mine up monthly to paper and put it in a ring binder.

Ooh, my anti-spam word is 'tring'! How appropriate.