Monday, 1 January 2001

Mad dogs and cyclists

We had a nice meal with our eldest and his girlfriend at the Greyhound last night. He thought it a bit 'elderly' in the restaurant but maybe that is why I like it. A couple of pints of extra cold Carlsberg and a gammon steak hit the spot.

Last night was very warm aboard. This morning we cycled to Stone for supplies, including maggots as the head finished of the ones I had brought in Stafford.

This afternoon was spent with Tony Blair........ That's his book of course and then some more poor fishing. It really should be better here but there is little activity.

As I type it looks like a storm is brewing, it will clear the air and hope fully now we are all packed away in the boat be spectacular.

Tomorrow we head off to Stone to wind either before or after, we don't know yet and we will take it as we find it -that is this holiday's mantra!!


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