Monday, 24 January 2011

Do you have a calling to a certain location on the cut?

It could be it is just a favorite place but it could be a natural calling to return to a place you have been before. For me it is the canal between Great Heywood and Stone. Ok its not necessarily a place but a stretch? It could be that it is because it is one of the routes we do quite often, not sure.

It has made me wonder if we should relocate to one of the marinas at each end of this patch - Great Heywood or the new Aston marina. However I don't think I could do the marina boating. We like ad hoc visits and where we are now we can just light the fire and relax with nice views. If we were in a marina it would mean moving the boat onto the cut for every visit. I could see us in a marina at some point when the comforts are more important.

Anyhow I need to get aboard soon ....



Sue said...

Staffordshire and Shropshire are beautiful counties to boat in.

Further north over the peninies the scenery is magnificent, but from the middle of England all directions are possible.

I am very fond of the stretch you are talking about as well as my beloved Shroppie, so I suppose the Shroppie has to be my favourite stretch and where I feel at home..

Get boating, you would soon be bored moored between steel neighbours with no views!

Nev Wells said...


It was a close call as the Shroppie has everything, which make the four counties perfect route for us and why we have done it 4 times now. I think I have previously blogged about a life doing the four counties would be full of interest and never boring

I would have thought the middle levels would have been up there for you. You blog so fondly and enthusiastically about it?

Take care


Paul said...

Branston Water Park on the T and M, beautiful location and a top pub restaurant to boot, get there early as it is always popular with boaters on the know

Nev Wells said...


Like the location not the pub....

We went in one Friday evening early (I know not the best time) and it was packed and very very noisy. We tried to stick it out but in the end canceled the meal and went back to the boat. The water park has a lovely walk and when we last moored there with Friends and dogs aboard we went for a fine midnight walk around the lake.