Monday, 3 January 2011

Almost a year on....

I went walking on the 3rd January 2010 and blogged about it here

As I had picked up on the foggy weather forecast I thought it would be good to go a lonely canal walk in the fog so I loaded my very willing walking companion into the car and we set off to walk to the last/first broad lock on the T&M at Stenson from Findern just past Mercia marina.

I like this walk because it does not attract the marina/Willington walkers as much so you get the space to yourself.

There pics are from my camera phone so not great but give a good feeling of the harshness of the canal at this time - certainly compared to the same time last year see link above.

Below is looking back to the Findern bridges ghosting out of the fog

This was not the thickest piece of ice by a long way but shows what needs to thaw before we can all start moving again.

Coming to a prop near you, that and all the other crap been lobbed onto the ice to test its weight. This will at least float so will be seen unlike the cones and other rubbish on the ice.

One lonely gennie running at the Stenson marina rattling out its shrill wail carried on the fog, quite a lonely scene.

And they have given more freezing weather out for the new week or so !


Captain Ahab said...

Hi Nev - I was out and about on foot yesterday at Swarkestone. A very similar picture re the ice. Its got a long way to go yet.
I have been meaning to say for ages - every time I see your title photo I think "I cant remember there being a globe light outside The Swan" - and then realise its the sun! I'm a slow learner...

grey wolf said...

very murky and atmospheric. re the rubbish i was walking near cookoo bridge in brum , by the moorings there were a blue pallet a rusty saw and various brick and assorted rubbish laying on the ice,to add to other rubbish blocking parts of the canal.