Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A tool for the job

I have blogged before about how useful having a bike aboard a boat is. Below is a pic of my trusty Brompton parked up after saving the day ( a bit dramatic maybe)

When we were last out I realised I had left my medications behind. So I got the trusty Brompton out and cycled back to Fradley folded it up into the car, back to Derby to pick up the tablets and then back to Fradley all in the space of just over an hour.

The challenge is to work out how to fit two aboard so we can do shopping/exploring when we are out and about. If we ever do the live aboard or long term cruising option I think the bike might be nearly as important as the fishing rod.

I did use the Brompton when on the Llangothlen earlier in the year. We decided to slow the cruise down and stop for the weekend just short of Swanley marina. Picture above. I cycled into Nantwich and through to Stapelely Water gardens for fishing supplies (maggots)

I like the fact I brought this bike before I had a boat knowing one day I'd use it in the way described above

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


We have not done a lot of cruising over the last few months as we try and stay put during the school holiday. We like meeting other boats but not too keen on fender to fender boating, it makes it sound bad but it isn't really motorway type boating.

Anyhow we did go out mid August for my birthday (or close to) We went out on the 12th and back on the 15th. It was a short hop up to our favourite mooring between Woodend lock and Kings Bromley. I follow Sarah's Chertsey blog and knew she was returning from a trip to Newark. Sure enough whilst fishing I heard the distinctive classic engine note approaching and made my introductions.

What struck me was how happy they both looked. Boating is a reasonably simple (if not cheap) joy and there was no doubt Sarah and Jim were just happy being on the counter taking their P&J back to its moorings.

Monday, 27 September 2010

What a plonker....

....that will be me !! I have been reflecting on my boat cruising early summer and just remembered the problems I had on the Staffs & Worcester.

We had just come through a bridge hole near Radford when we got what felt like a prop fowl type slow down. I got the boat to the bank and removed the engine deck boards and put them on the bank side. I then hopped onto the boat and fell straight into the engine hole I'd just uncovered. It could have been a really nasty accident. Luckily I suffered a skinned shin and a dented ego.

It just goes to show how easy it is to get yourself damaged on a boat. I love it, not a single risk assessment or method statement aboard, just a large dose of common sense, missing in this instance but then that was my fault and my fault only !


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok Ok I admit it I have a shiny boat.....

Andrew on Grannybuttons and others have blogged about shiny boats recently. It has given me a complex for sure... !!

When I had a dull boat with uninspiring colours I was sad and wanted it painting. Now I have a great paint job and I feel I am in a class of boaters disrespected by other boaters because we are shiny.

You know I can understand this but I still want to keep my boat shiny. I think the best looking boats are those that have a classic colour scheme that has faded....Don't Panic who moors next to us is very much in that league. A little dull on the reflections but looking used and 'classic' Problem is I fear the transition based on what I know it cost me to metamorphose Waterlily from a grey and blue hand job (painted that is) to the classic green and red she is today.

I want to be worn and used but can't face the transition. So please be gentle with your opinion of our shiny boat. We know we have got to wear and tear her and we will but let us enjoy our sparkly time - it won't last long I promise !!

Take care and I hope to have a few catch ups... if nothing more than to maintain the record of our times on board.