Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Recession, what recession....

That is how it must be for some businesses. Imagine I drop into a car showroom and say I want to buy a BMW M5 or maybe a couple of second hand Lotus Europa's or a second hand Porsche 911 the sales person would be very very attentive. Test drive, finance, call me a few times at home, maybe even offer to let me sleep with his wife...... they would chase the sale. So why is it then when I express interest and leave my details with a broker regarding a new boat nothing happens after a week?

I think they like their boats floating in their for sale mooring rather than cash in the bank.

So the cash will stay in my bank and I'll fill my mooring with Waterlily.


1 comment:

LES said...

You could buy a lot of boat with the money those cars cost.
Perhaps your details got lost along the way, give the broker another chance. If the boat interested you that much i think a week wouldn`t have passed.