Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another casualty of time and the weather

A screen shot off my blog yesterday. Ann & Kev off NB 4Evermoore are putting her up for sale - see here

One thing that is consistent on the blogging front is the attrition rate. It makes me wonder how much of a turnover there is on boats and why?

Ann & Kev cite time and reviews of life goals (I hope they do not mind me making that assessment from their blog ) I can understand that but it must be a really hard decision. I think the more you put into a boat , the harder to sell. Those like Ann and Kev who had their boat build from scratch must have the harder decisions as it is theirs and has only been theirs.

We still feel like the new owners of Waterlily as she was with her past owners for a decade. The paint job and other changes we have undertaken make us feel more a part of Waterlily history. These boats can and will last many many years which makes it feel more like they have a soul and they are willing partners on the waterways. We are as much part of their history as they are of our memories.

Good luck with the sale ...I hope you get the same response as Mike did on Zulu Warrior (top name for a boat BTW)

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