Monday, 28 September 2009

Just nice people on the cut

You hear so many tales of anger, selfishness rudeness from people blogging or in forums I thought it needs balance

I have been out for a long weekend (details to follow) and I have met only nice, friendly, happy boaters plus cyclist and walkers and fishermen (no fisherwomen). People tend to only report the bad... so I am reporting the good.


PS - Closest we got to bad behaviour was three lads12 years old I guess near Drayton bridge on the Birmingham and Fazely canal - one was leaning over the bridge holding something as we went under the bridge - I thought he was going to drop something on us - turned out it was his phone camera - cheeky bugger was taking a photo looking down Rachel's top !! Can't fault his endeavour, most probably his mum and dad have the Internet blocked at home !!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Birmingham and fazley canals welcomes Waterlily

One son now at Uni and the other one in London for the weekend gave us free reign to head off to pastures new. We have passed Fazely junction many times when on the Coventry canal knowing it is the link to all things industrial heritage in Birmingham. We do not have the time or planning to venture into Birmingham on this trip so we winded at the bottom of the Curdworth flight.

We took the decision to cruise to the winding hole (well hidden until you are on it) to note down possible mooring for the night and today as we were not intending moving. We spotted a perfect mooring by the aqueduct next to Fishers mill bridge. We noted just one boat following us and there were no other boats moored at all...... yep they also spotted the best mooring and when we arrived back they were smack in the middle of the armco. We could have dropped in but with no other boats at all about we dropped just the other side of the bridge onto pins....

Rachel working hard..... I did set the fire, yes first this season, plus made us a nice curry.

Its very quite - both towpath and canal - nice. Only problem is the fishing is pants , two hours last night and not a nibble.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Water moving under our base plate....

So three weeks and no posts, just been so busy.

We did go over to Waterlily last weekend but one and actually moved Waterlily.... well down to Bagnall and back just to put some charge into the batteries. It was good to move the boat even if it was only a jog to the shops and back !

There were still plenty of boats on the move which based on the nice weather was hardly surprising. We will be off again this weekend for a trip for R&R that will include gas diesel and a pumpout - shame for swan line at Fradley who won't get my business after charging 20 quid for a pump out last time we used them!