Saturday, 1 January 2011

Spot the Christmas present

One of the trips to the boat over the last few days meant I could take my Christmas presents over there. Rachel has discovered Nauticalia which means I get some useful gifts for the canal boat owner.

What you can see is the brass paraffin lamp that will help the batteries over the coming months. The bits you can't easily see is the fold away bow saw and perhaps my favourite a lovely brass map magnifying glass for those days pre planning routes and walks with the OS maps.

The beer is mandatory of course.

This one is for Heth to show ours in full burn, dog is an optional accessory but we tend to find she appears when the fire reaches temp.

The one thing the eco fan is good for is temp awareness as a slow spin means more coal.


1 comment:

Heth said...

Hi Nev,

Yeh we've already established the eco fan speed is an indicator to stoke up!

The eco fan works well here on TT probably cos the stove isn't in a corner & it blows warm air down the corridor towards the bedroom, altho it still needs topping up in there with CH radiator when we're below freezing, err which is most of the time these days lol