Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I should say.....

.... very belated happy New year to all.

I set up three or so posts to come out a day after each other then went on the boat. We arrived by taxi (son no.1 Tom ) and put away all the food I had brought to see us through a few weeks, sorry days. The gas fridge did its usual no play party trick, I presume the tip the sparc arcs to is rusted so it takes a few plunges on the igniter to eventually get the backfire then a few more gets us the pilot light. I think when we get new batteries we may look into a new eclectic fridge - any recommendations?

We just relaxed and it was nice to spend both part of Christmas day and the whole of New years day aboard.

We had a couple of good walks, one off to Alrewas Hayes to look for our next boat neighbour's dog who had decided to have a day to her self in the woods. We walked a track we had not done before which makes a great dog walk in the future. Bonnie eventually turned up in the dark at about 7pm - a good 11 hour walk

Sunday both sons joined us for beer (for me) and food in the Swan. Monday saw us doing some chores which included MOVING THE BOAT .... but only across the canal to water up and we must have been empty because it took ages. We waited our turn as the livaboards came in for their water first.

I lobbed in 20 litres of diesel so now we need to resupply our two cans plus I have all but used up the three bags of coal plus we have emptied one of our two gas bottles.

While I watered up I cleaned the roof - the bird $hit is a real annoyance. and it has stained the roof now. I knew we should have gone for red rather than cream.. grrrrr

So started the boating year aboard. Now I just need to plan my 2011 cruising....


Should note that taxi boy number 2 son Callum came and collected us on Monday, quite like this service !

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