Friday, 21 January 2011

May last year...

... we were just off for the cruise that should have seen us doing the four counties plus the Llangollen In the end due to an unexpected health issue we cut the trip down and did a very relaxed four counties.

On the way out I had a couple of mates aboard and we passed NB Flycatcher which had recently sunk approaching Shadehouse lock at Fradley. I took these pictures .

Chris from NB Belle has recently blogged about the final removal of NB Flycatcher. It appears she will be broken up, a real sad end to someones P&J. I tried to find out about her age from Jim Shead's site but only got basic details. Anyone know how old she was - I expect she had been cruising the canals for most of my life !!



Paul said...

We moored near her in October, sad really. As I passed I thought, I hope they refloat her, knowing that it was unlikely.

Paul said...
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