Saturday, 31 December 2011

Out of date Baileys

Why not it's rude to lob it !!

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Fradley water torture

Sitting here writing this I can hear what sounds like dripping water..... Not good when you are on a boat! I went across the cut this afternoon and filled up the water tank. On returning I noticed diesel bloom coming from the back of the boat, it appears it is coming from the filler cap. I did top the diesel up last trip but I can see no reason why I am getting diesel seeping from the filler is not much and seems to come when the engine is run, I suppose it could be the diesel vibrating spitting onto the underside of the filler cap and running out via the thread? Anyhow for now I have put some kitchen paper around the cap to collect any overnight and I'll check it in the morning.

I have also found water spray near the water pump.... Can't see where it is coming from but I'll check again when Rachel showers later.

I think the drip drip outside has stopped...I think it is the mud giving up air bubbles that I have disturbed when mooring after watering I will resist the temptation to go out with a torch...for now.

We went for a nice walk to the coop in Fradley today, that is down the Coventry. We normally go to the Alrewas Coop but fancied a different walk which was very pleasant. It has been very quiet boat and people wise here today. I expect New Years day will bring more out as the weather has been given out as getting better and quite warm.

So whatever you are doing tonight may it be enjoyable and I wish you a safe and healthy New Year.

Take care


Friday, 30 December 2011

The sanctuary of our boat

Ready to eat......

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As quiet as quiet can be at Fradley

We arrived just before lunchtime and it started to rain as we topped up at Alrewas Coop. Before I lit the fire I gave the chimney a sweep with a flue brush I brought off the Internet. I had seen them at Norbury junction but about 25% more.

After getting the fire going fridge lit and stuff stowed away I took Leia for a walk down the Coventry. It was fine drizzle by now and Fradley was as quiet as I've seen it.

We got back to the boat and the rain has got heavier all afternoon. As I write this the fire is going well the central heating off the back boiler is warming the boat through and the only light is from my IPad. There's only the sounds of the boat - it really is very very peaceful.

Tonight it will be food and some wine. Last night we had a late one as after watching the last two episodes of Harry Potter we went out with my sons telescope to look at Jupiter. Quite fantastic really when you considers the distances involved and also how much the early astronomers knew of the planets with only very basic instruments.

Might have to light a few candles now......

Have a good evening whereever you are,


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I need a Shroppie fix

Its been a while since we were last over Cheshire way on the canals and just looking at Jims Photo from his blog header makes me realise we need to include it again in our 2012 cruising plans. More of that later but for now our good friends from north of the border have invited us for a drink while they are back visiting and as I have not partaken to a great degree much alcoholic beverage this festive season I'm off to get drunk !


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Caring whilst away from their families

I am on my own tonight, well oldest son Tom is upstairs wrapping his presents ! My good lady has given her christmas eve night and Chrismas day morning up to cover one of the wards. Then back on boxing day.

So here is a Christmas wish to all those dedicated health workers, that Santa may come and that they may get some Christmas R&R


Monday, 5 December 2011

23 degrees of difference

It was a good headline in the paper yesterday. This time last year it was about -11c and yesterday it was around +12c. I was visiting the boat every other night to keep the fire in to stop the boat freezing solid inside. Leaving a warm cosy boat each night was a little bit of a trial for sure.
So far nothing on the horizon, however, disrespect nature and she/he/it will bite back for sure,


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wanna see what you wind up.....

There is much activity, well equipment activity at Hunts lock. I was surprised how wide the feed was to the ground paddle. You could certainly fit a body in there and when you imagine the draw to fill the lock you would not swim away from it....

Most of the brick work is in good condition. The section under the tarps is being hacked out to be replaced. Interesting to note the water table where the lock walls have dried out to.

One thing I was not aware of was the new rail crossing at Keepers lock.....

Today was a tale of two halves re the weather. After a cooked breakfast I took Leai off for a walk. There were plenty of mushrooms/toadstool about... I ate about half a dozen....

.....of the ones from the Coop in Alrewas. I'm sure I'd be feeling ill if I'd eaten this, red means danger in nature? It was a really nice walk

A few jobs done on the boat then the wind and rain came and the second half of the day was spent reading papers and drinking coffee... not all bad.