Friday, 4 February 2011

NIMBY.....or progress?

Not In My Back Yard, so the saying goes. How does this work when it is a high speed rail line ? Chris from NB Belle recently blogged very comprehensively about the proposed HS2 rail line here

I am no expert on rail but my simple thinking is you would not put an extension onto your house if the roof was leaking and the foundations needed underpinning !

If it was my call I would be looking to re-open some of the Beeching cut railways, meaning more rather than faster. This would still no doubt impact on people and their property.

If you look at the image below (from Chris's blog) you will see the proposed route goes past the end of Woodend cottage and there is no detail on how the canal would be bridged. Bearing in mind the rail link will need to be as flat as possible I cannot see themn bridging the canal - more likely rerouting it above the route of the rail link?

I am all for trains - I like to hear then at night and don't mind mooring near rail lines. I would much prefer this than a road. It just needs to be done with full consideration and minimal impact - therein is the problem I fear. Plus these trains are not the clicky click they will be screamingly fast.

Interesting isn't it that even now the canals could still loose out to rail! I would be amazed if this was progressed as the cost must be astronomical in these austere times I'd rather have a police force and good hospitals.

Depends on who is building it and who in the government went to school with them I suppose - or is that too cynical?


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