Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hard workers...

Look away those of you who are now happily retired. Not that you do not deserve your easier life after decades of hard work.

No the title refers to those who are getting up at the silly hour I am reasons are health related but talking to a fellow boater yesterday he will be up now getting ready for his long day doing more than one job. As was yesterday a full 12 hours. Plus another boater on our mooring who does long shifts in the NHS.

Nothing new for those hardy boaters who used the canal for work purposes when a moving boat was money. It is in the main an idilic lifestyle of pastime we hold so dear now but there is no doubt is was a real test especially during the long cold dark winters. It must have been a test of resolve to be trudging along in the wet and dark on some remote canal tow path  - very different to how they are used today.

So as I type this with my cup of tea my thoughts are with all those quietly going on their way to earn a living.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

So painful

I have just paid for my 2012/13 boat license. With prompt payment rate this is a cost of £710.24  Add that to the recent mooring payment of just over £1200 means it is costing us just short of £2,000 to float my boat in a muddy  (our moorings are very muddy) ditch..... and I mow my own grass and maintain my own mooring.

Of course my wife working in the NHS has had a 0% pay rise for the last two years and I have had 1%  CaRT tell me they have increased my license fee by 6.4% and will increase it by 2% more than inflation for the next three years. That is no small increase. If I were a saver or retired my savings would be attracting diddly squat.

It makes me wonder how folks maintain their boats on the cut all in. It really is a dedication to the waterways. I'm sure there are some big sacrifices folk make to keep on enjoying the canals and rivers so CaRT better prioritise the infrastructure in their spending plans as I feel I am doing more than my bit and am a super contributor as well as a friend.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A new blog is a blogging treat - Shell Bell

Ok, I read canal blogs, there is a big list of them over there on the right.....

It is for sure vicarious cruising for me as I don't have the courage to give up the day job just yet.

So when I discover a new one its like buying a new book without the buying bit. A regular reader of my rambling is Norwyn on Shell Bell. I have found he has a blog here... Click Me

So over the next few days I'll catch up on all that is Shell Bell, thanks Norwyn

Friday, 24 August 2012

Apple to be recommended

My youngest has recently purchased a nice new Macbook pro laptop for University. I got his old one .. which was generous as they still command a good price even second hand. 

The battery and dvd drive were both FUBARR'd. On checking for latest software updates after installing Mountain Lion, then checking to see what it would cost for a new battery and drive Apple advised it was still within its 3 .. yes 3 year warranty. You get these extended warranties when buying from the Apple education store. 

So booked in for a Genius appointment at Apple store Meadowhall advised a couple of days and within 48 hours had it back with just under £200 of parts and labour and a nice newish Macbook pro 15 inch.

The Apple store is worth a visit, done the London and New York ones but this was the busiest by far.... even on a Friday evening and Sunday evening.

As an aside they did get some money from me for ...... a sleep monitor. 

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and poor sleep is part of the condition. I am my own worst enemy and I know regular bed time and regular length, are critical to aiding good sleep. This device records the type and length of the different sleep patterns over a night and gives a score. I will continue and observe impacts such as work, amount, time to bed, time to awake, location to see if I can improve my pattern.

Anyhow.... as I say Mac to be recommended


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Captain chairs or bed settee

I got a recliner last birthday which I'm afraid I don't find too comfortable. There is a pad at the top that pushes my head forward giving me an aching back/neck.

At the Mercia marina show I tried out a Wilsons chairs which was much more comfortable  ( I think my chair was from a department store)  I am sure I will replace my chair but we are dithering as to whether to replace the little settee we have with another recliner or a bed settee. I don't think the boat is big enough for more than two so my choice is the selfish one.... two captain chairs, however Rachel is erring on the side of sociable caution and thinking of a Wilsons bed settee.

What do you have and why..... it might help me make up my (our) mind?


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Did I mention my event.....

Spot the event from this picture....

What a great cake made by the mum of my sister in laws bloke. It taste great and the cabin is in the process of being demolished .

There is even a little Leia on the front !


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thieves strike on my mooring - Hunts lock mooring up for auction

Just really annoying that I now cannot trust our moorings. I kept two jerry cans at the back of my wooden locker, they were empty but I use them over winter to keep the tank topped up. Last time I mowed the grass they were there today gone. It really makes me sad that even in the community boaters and more frustratingly those who moor with me at Hunts someone thinks it is ok steal someone else's stuff.

I will give stuff away, I have done and I'd go out of my way to help someone if they needed it. I hope whoever took them gets benefit from their dishonesty and in those quiet period of reflection feels a little remorseful.

That and the constant mowing of grass is making me think of marina moorings. For security and also the lack of maintainence. I cannot trust BW now CaRT not to damage my boat with their so called maintainence not even rings at Hunts and they are asking for £1700 for a auctioned mooring at the moment.  If you are bidding think again, no maintainence and the risk to your property does not make it a good offer.

Down in the dumps today on boating for sure.......

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Laura's Wedding

As I am in the process of having these musings printed by year as a record of what I did for my offspring and their offspring if they have them I wanted to record my neice's wedding.

Hardwick Hall was the setting and it was even from a blokes point of view beautiful. So tasteful so gentle so much Laura and my sister Pam.

More pictures than words....

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Heartbeat and support stockings

....two very entertaining British tv shows I'm afraid.  We were away again on the bike last weekend meeting up with friends from Ireland and other from across the country for a couple of days biking in and around North Yorkshire.

Saturday saw us ride over to Whitby, compulsory fish and chips then on to Goathland for more compulsiry ice cream and visits to Scrips garage and the Adensfield pub, great.

Sunday saw us off again through some fabulous scenery a=s we headed to Holmfirth for a drink of tea in Sid's cafe and a quick nip up Nora Battie's steps.

We rode back through some of Derbyshire's finest roads to CMC in Chesterfield for tea and cake before heading home with other going in all directions after a great weekend. Problem with this bike is its too tempting to ride and poor Waterlily is getting neglected.

It really would be rude not to.

Ok the canal link......while up in the hills we did pass over a few canals or more likely rivers that were navigable, I really must do some research on the Leeds Liverpool and Huddersfield narrow canals as if the give this scenery pay back they have to be worth the effort?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rest and be thankful

Yep.... it is a place in Scotland I have have been to it along with many other excellent roads on the west coast. I have therefore decided that if I ever get a new boat or rename a boat it will be called

The rest and be thankful.....