Sunday, 24 July 2011

Note to self.... Do not leave the inverter on !

July the 2nd was my last blog, the next day we left Waterlily after giving her a good clean inside. What we did not do was notice the remote control light was on on the inverter. I can tell you this will reduce three 115amp leisure batteries to 0% charge over a three week period !

We turned up today to check her and enjoy an afternoon aboard only to find the water pump would not work, I checked everything fuses switches and then realised what we had done. Oh well I hope no great harm has been done. We got the batteries up to 15% and shut the engine off as it was too nice to have to hear the engine all afternoon.

I suspect we need a good cruise to get the batteries back to a half decent charge.

Live and learn......


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Perfect end to the cruise

We have been out for about 10 days and will be back on our mooring tomorrow (or rather today) we are moored in the best place of the whole trip, total peace and solitude, just lots of nature around us. All this within a mile or so of our normal mooring - we are really very lucky.

Even the sun gave us a setting to capture for the end of the cruise..... Enjoy

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Location:Just above Woodend lock

Friday, 1 July 2011

Early morning fishing

This is the venue for big C
arp- Great Haywood no luck last night so a five am start this morning. Perfect just need the fish now !!

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