Sunday, 3 January 2010

£200,000 bridge repair

When I was walking on New Years eve was passed bridge 21 on the T&M - this is the bridge that was very badly damaged when a tractor pulling a trailer lost control and dumped the trailer into the canal in October 2008 - see my post about it here.

I have just read in the local paper that work is imminent to repair the bridge. This will mean closure of the canal for an undisclosed period but it did say it would start in January.

I followed the track the tractor would have taken and about 30 yards away is the busy Derby Birmingham main line (I think) Just imagine what a disaster it would have been if the trailer went over at this point ??

I would imagine Railtrack would have been a bit quicker with the bridge repairs.

£200k is a real hit for the tractor drivers insurers !!


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Captain Ahab said...

Blimey - I could build a whole house for that sort of money. Mayber its BW's way of getting an antique structure completely repaired at nil cost.