Monday, 1 June 2009

Oh no 3 again but this could be useful?

I have blogged about 3 a few times, poor service not Mac friendly and a connection like a whores draws......

I recently got directed to this link clickty which is a 3 modem for a fiver.

Always a sucker for technology and the dongle is the later type (MF627) from the white jobbie that I have tried before so I went for it.

BIG difference is that this new one plugs in and installs the Mac software no problem - something the first one just did not do.

I used the sim I have plenty of credit left on rather than registering the one that came with it. But read the web site and it gives good advice on getting unrestricted data access. I'll save it for when my prepaid data amount runs out.

I'm using this one (at home) easily - big test will be to take it to the boat which in the interests of mobile dongle testing I'll do tomorrow.

I have also brought a 5 metre USB off ebay for a couple of quid that will get us some outside coverage if we need it - I'll report back in a couple of days


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Halfie said...

Sounds like a bargain! And unlimited internet for just a fiver a month? I suppose that's a contract ... still, it's a lot less than the £15/month I'm paying for broadband at home. But at home we have a wireless modem router thingy; I don't suppose it's easy to make a dongle wireless...

Sorry, Nev, I'm rambling. I hope it works well, and that the lead you bought is up to the job.