Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cost of living aboard part II

I recently blogged about the cost of living aboard see here

I have found a really good discussion on the topic from the canal world forums - you can read it without fear of being flamed by some of the less than friendly subscribers.


I shouldn't be so hard on the forum -I have got a lot of good information and advice from them. Just know that it can be like the school play ground in there sometimes.

Back to the point..... £600 is the starter for ten. That is cheapish?? I suppose it really depends on how you want to live/can afford to live. I remember when we were first married how we saved for stuff and mended and made do..... now we don't because we can afford to buy replacements or buy something (not quite a boat I might add) without a lot of thought to our ability to afford it.

Food for thought and a good source of comment and information,


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