Sunday, 21 June 2009

How I'd wished I'd not said that

This time last week I took a ride out on my bike to Stone As I type this we are at Stone on Waterlily. It is a wee bit busier than last week.

Yesterday it was like the M1 boataway from Kings Bromly to Great Heywood. THREE boats overtook us yesterday - I must be the slowest boater on the cut - yes I do slow down for moored craft - am I the only one ?

Today has been a bit easier - apart from the plum who darted out within a boats length of Rachel so he could get to Hoo Mill lock first. It just meant he had the lock to do on his own as I sat and watched him - I think he got the message.

Anyhow I'm about to be a single hander as Rachel and her mum do Stone while I take Waterlily up the locks.

Hopefully onto the Caldon towards Leek tomorrow after dropping the mother in law off at Stoke ,



Kev said...

Hi Nev,
With regard to your comment 'Am I the only one' (who slows down for moored boats) I should say that in the year since we have owned our boat and more apparent since we started living on it albeit temporarily, we have found that the majority of hire boaters do slow down compared to the majority of private boats who do not! We do slow down but there always seems to be a private boat up our arse when we do harassing us to go faster.
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)

Nev Wells said...


I know that feeling so well. In balance the last two days have been better. It is locks that make the difference as they introduce a delay to the boat behind you and they should be/are more aware you are less likely to let them pass just to get to the next lock before you.

The stretch from Wood end lock to Colwick lock is quite a long one and there are lots of times you need to slow down so it gives the speed merchants plenty of time to catch up. My frustration is on Saturday I got pressures to cruise in a way I do not normally.

I have calmed down a little now - plus we ware on the Caldon where there are fewer boats and the scenery is beautiful,

Take care