Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Been a friend for the last twenty years. We have shared so any joyous moments together. Ever reliable, very capable. We have been on many of the boat trips plus some other weekend rambles. I'll miss Rod.

So I have got to find a tackle shop to buy another one. Snapped in half as I was trying to clear a tangle. O well $hit happens as they say. On the same day the tip came of one of the small whips I use for fishing so I am down to a 4 meter pole - still caught some nice fish including a good 5 pound bream from Great Heywood on Saturday evening.

The car broke down on Friday night as I was on my way to the tackle shop - £350 cher ching !!

My wind up radio id fubar'd as well ........

I'll post on where we are later....


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