Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ay up me duck .... and 3

We have had a close neighbour for the last 4 weeks.

I am sure she chose our mooring because of the long grass, so she must have been surprised as we were when BW cut our gras (thanks BW) but you might have imagined they would have left her some cover - they strimmed upto her nest

Anyhow on arriving to test my new 3 dongle today I noted the empty nest and saw her proudly taking her new brood for a swim/paddle/float or whatever ducks do.

So a happy ending

The three dongle - another happy ending I am typing this with a reliable if weak connection with the modem on the roof - I haven't got my tripod as per Halfies post and when I do I'm going to try the pringles can approach to get a directional ariel..... but its a lot better than it ever was.


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