Monday, 15 June 2009

Giving up blogging

Two very able and enjoyable blogs have stopped/disappeared over the last couple of weeks.


Ten Bob Note

I understand Jo is taking a break but Ernie has given up citing it was taking too much time. At the same time Andrew on Granny Buttons is considering email bankruptcy Blimey - is this the same theme as those who retire from work and then come back and tell me they do not know how they did it all while working..... the time is filled with emptying the poo tanks, getting freshwater and cruising - I really hope it is (add fishing in there a well as this will take up a lot of my time should I ever get free from the rat race)

A the end of the day it depends what you blog for, I do it for my own pleasure and as an on line diary almost - certainly not for the readership as my readers are like hens teeth.... but appreciated all the same (thanks mum)

One thing is for sure there are many bloggers out there blogging about their lives afloat or their dreams of getting afloat or those like me dithering and wishing to make the move permanent.

Take care bloggers, resting bloggers and ex bloggers alike !



Halfie said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought, "Oh no, not you as well?" I'm glad it isn't you as well! I can understand Ernie and Keith/Jo wanting a break - it does seem to tie you down somehow, and to take a lot of time! Yes, like you, I treat mine more like an on-line diary, somewhere to put my photos and record my boating exploits. If other people read it then that's great. I see it as a discipline: if I didn't blog I wouldn't keep any other sort of diary.

So keep going, Nev, and I'll try to too!

Nev Wells said...


Fully agree, I am just a little greedy as I like to read as much about other peoples life afloat as I can - vicarious cruising I think warrior woman called it?


John Harrison said...

I'm a (landlubber)canal boating enthusiast, recently discovering the pleasure of reading all the boating blogs that people put so much work (and expense) into. Without broadband, it's incredible how they do it.
In the 90s, I lived on WILLOWS, on the beautiful Bridgewater Canal near Grappenhall. I still love the canals.
Right, off to follow Marmaduke, No Problem, Piston Broke......

nb piston broke said...

I shall certainly not give up my blogging I enjoy doing it while Paul is sitting on the back fishing. The carp he caught was on bread, he did splash out and buy a tin of spam but seems to have more luck on the odd slice of Hovis.

Debbie said...

Hi Nev, I am proud to be one of your, " Hens teeth " I really enjoy your blog. oh by the way, remember the humourous boat name you put on your post a while ago, W.Anchor, it passed our mooring this morning! It gave John and I a good old giggle.
Hi to Halfie and John Harrison.Debbie, NB Tickety Boo.

Nev Wells said...


Many thanks for taking the time to post such a positive comment. It's nice to think the words I write don't just pass my eyes...

It been a bit of a whinge of a blog recently - I should man up and get on with enjoying what I have (and blogging about it)

I have a few canally friends and I'm justifiably proud of that so once again thanks for commenting,

Take care


PS I'm actually off on the boat so I might have some more canal observations to blog about !