Sunday, 7 June 2009

Snap decisions

We took a snap decision late yesterday to come to Waterlily for an overnighter…. We were at the local Sainsbury at about 6.30 and were sitting down to a nice Indian (2 for eight quid offer) by about 8pm.

This is one of the great things about our mooring we can be aboard within the hour and it still feels like we are on holiday.

We went for a lovely walk after our meal down the Coventry and we met our first boat - Comet. She is for sale but with no price. It looks like Josie who brought her from us still lives aboard – there were plants on the stern. She looked n good condition (that the boat not Josie, but we did not meet Josie as the boat was unoccupied. It nice and a little humbling to know a boat we did not think we could enjoy holidaying on has been someone’s home for the last two years. It certainly gives another perspective to our thinking on upgrading Waterlily.

We woke to rain on the roof and now as I’m typing this its lashing down and there is a great thunder storm overhead, sheet lightening and long rumbles of thunder – great. I love extreme weather, especially when we do not have to cruise in it. I have the fire lit (how daft would that have been last week when my car temp sensor was recording 32c !) coffee on and an internet connection.

Re Cooper Pride, I did get a call from the boat yard last night with some details on the Gardner engine …….


Just had a massive clap of thunder – the storm must be right overhead now !

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