Thursday, 4 June 2009

Who do livaboards need to rely on?

Reflection.......on wine so be aware ! (Written last night and edited sober today.....)

Sometimes my head just isn't big enough to hold all the thoughts I have so I am relieved to be able to talk them out (poor wife) or type them out - the latter in this case.

One of the biggest issues of living the corporate dream is the reliance on so much and so many.

The bin man
People on the park (who complain)
Mortgage rates
etc etc

So it got me thinking who would I need to rely on if I was a liveaboard.......

My Boat
My wife
My dog
British Waterways
Dongle service providers -Internet
Boat yards
God - if (s)he exists for the water

Not a lot else really and do you know why - because if you don't like it just move on.......

So I have realized if you live on a boat you have to cruise....?

So much in life is complicated by other people, in most cases they just get involved when you don't want them to

The job stuff - now that is the difficult bit. Jo on Hadar commented on one of my other ponders about this subject she and Keith accept the simple life. Clickty I have to assume in my case simple would be cheap.

Real life example, as I typed the last sentence, I took a glug of red wine and promptly spilt it down my work shirt, result, the need to buy another work shirt, if it was a T shirt then I could still cruise in it - in fact it would be a well regarded boaters uniform shirt as I think most boaters like a drink....

So what keeps me from taking the decision to change a lifestyle............

...........that'll be money, very difficult to keep moving and pay the bills unless you are a lottery winner, retired or just have a lot of money (which I don't) Could be an option to be a boat husband, I think the T&M has just enough cruising distance to not make me a bridge hopper but allow my wife to keep working and commute back to the boat......

More wine I think.


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