Saturday, 6 June 2009

Is living the dream better than the dream?

In continuing my voyage of contemplation I keep coming back to Christmas.

Not because I feel that Christmas on the cut would be nice, more my recollections of when a lad of Christmas day being such an anticlimax.

The anticipation in many instances is much better than the event and I fear this would be the case with spending a significant time on the boat.

At the moment I always look forward to getting aboard, I wonder how much of that enjoyment would be lost.

I heard on the news recently that a Spanish company was offering 5 year breaks from work on 30% pay with a guarantee of your job back I might start canvassing for that !



Anonymous said...

After living aboard the boat for a year we still love getting back to the boat after a day away, so the feeling doesn't go away. At the present time I cannot imagine living on land.

Debbie said...

Hi Nev,I can only echo what lazy days comment says. We have been on board 5 yrs, I can honestly say hand on heart, the novelty has never worn off and it just gets better and better. I too could never go back to living in a static building. Reading between the lines of your posts, its obvious you are a passionate boater, so what are you waiting for, don't dilly dally man just do it!! Joking aside providing its what you both want to do, I promise you will love your life afloat. ( and anyway even if you didn't, it wouldn't be the end of the world ) take care and live the Dream. Debbie. Nb Tickety Boo