Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Leek reflections

I have taken a fair amount of stick for my weeks holiday destination - Leek via Stoke on Trent. The joke is on them really as we had a great time. I love this country and the people and places.

The weather was good and the fishing better, some beer and no work - do I really need much else plus the carbon footprint of my holiday must be one of the lowest around ?

We made Burston at about 4.15 pm - so that was about 10 hours - I think the most we have ever done is 14 when we brought Waterlily back from Whilton. The engine never missed a beat just a couple of turns on the greaser half way through and all was fine.

The mooring here is really one of my favourites - made so by the Greyhound pub about 10 minutes walk away. We met Charles there and had a really nice meal. I then took Leia a walk and found a really nice trail - I must consult memory map more and do more walking like Sue of No Problem - the fishing gets in the way....

The above was taken on my phone at just after 9pm - most nights I could fish to 10pm.... This is a lake just off the T&M I did not quite get the time to investigate more but a reason to revisit.

The final couple of days to follow.


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