Sunday, 31 May 2009

I know where I'd rather be....

We have just come back form a 130 mile tour of Derbyshire (Staffordshire and South Yorkshire to be precise) with 20 or so like minded riders from the Honda Deauville owners club.

Below is yours truly next to my P&J

It was a really nice day out covering a route that took us from Cromford to Hartington to Buxton and Glossop, then back via the snake pass Chatsworth and Chesterfield.

It was a great ride through some truly fantastic scenery.

Sitting here with a pint reflecting on the day I fired up Bruce's blog on Sanity and thought whilst today was good I think I'd rather have been on the canals.

Yesterday whilst looking at Coopers Pride I was talking to someone in the office at Mercia marina who I know and he talked about the significant impact on his thinking and his life the purchase of his narrow boat had on him. I know exactly what he was describing and it gave me a lot of comfort that it can be so - canals, boats and the whole pace of life associated with them can change your outlook on life. It reassured me as I'd been thinking (and no doubt blogging) to this end ......

I don't feel guilty I now accept that it is normal to have such a life changing perspective - an Epiphany I think they call it ! - or here.....


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