Monday, 27 July 2009

Time and Inspiration

Well no posts for over three weeks - that's bad.

Why, just very very busy at work, and at home plus needing some inspiration for Waterlily. That sounds bad doesn't it I think my affair with Coopers Pride has dented my appreciation for Waterlily - that is even worse !

We were aboard for an overnight on Saturday and then off to see relatives Sunday PM so we did not get much time aboard. I was tired when we arrived (I'd ridden to Peterborough and back to buy a new crash helmet) so that did not help my enjoyment and it rained most of the time we were aboard Sunday.

My fibromyalgia gives me what is called cognitive dysfunction or more commonly called brain fogs. Bloody horrible feeling of distance from reality and lack of ability to concentrate or in this case my interpretation is an inability to fully appreciate my lovely boat. Anyone out there willing to exchange bodies for a few weeks !

I will do a bit of a catch up - if for no other reason than to give me a record of what we have been doing. We did have a lovely weekend on the motorbike visiting down south where Rachel was born and spent the early years of her life. I'll blog about that before the end of the month

Anyhow - that's me back in the blogging swing and it feels a little better already. Now to catch up with Sue, Bruce and Andy and all my other favourite bloggers listed right of the post.

Take care


One other thing - we were woken at about 3am on Sunday morning as a cruiser came past and up the Fradley locks. I envy people who dare cruise in the dead of night, it is one of my newly added things to do before I die- cruise over a Summer nights full moon.......


Debbie said...

Welcome back Nev, I have missed your blog! I too have been in that numbing fog, for slightly different reasons than you. I am having to part with my beloved Tickety boo (sob ) due to the breakdown of our relationship. Have no fear tho, I intend on still being a liveaboard, when I buy a smaller boat just for me and Bobs the dog!

So I am going to a smaller Nb as you are hoping to upgrade!

So if you know of any body looking for a fifty foot 5 year old Narrow boat for a very very reasonable price, please do let me know!

Debbie Nb Tickety Boo

Aly Beth said...

Life seems to get in the way, every time! I love your photos!


Nev Wells said...


Sorry to hear its not going so well. I'm sure that there is a boat out there for you and no doubt another relationship to follow.


Too true re life, but as they say it's not a rehearsal, thanks for the compliment on the photo's. It's good to get someone reading from America. I like your country and the people who live there. You may have read about my trip the New York last year which was a great experience,

Take care