Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What does it cost to live afloat ?

I know this one must come up a lot but today I pondered this whilst walking the cut at Willington (in my lunch hour) today.

Last week I had a service and MOT on my car plus some other bits and got a whopping bill of just under £600 It got me thinking of how long this sort of sum would last some of you live-a-boards as I presume owning a car is one of the first things that go. In fact come to think of it I have just taxed it and insured it so that is the best part of a thousand pounds before I turn a wheel.

There is one of these for sale........ better still downsize, have no mortgage and give up one of the jobs........I think it may be better to just have a sandwich while at working at my computer rather than walking the canal !


Keith and Jo said...

Living onboard a narrowboat does seem like a cheap option for many people. But if your still working, you need a car possibly, you need a mooring, which if residential you have to pay council tax etc, so it probably does not land up being that much cheaper. If like us however your are a true continual cruiser, it maybe a cheaper way of living. We live off of Keith's pension, have no car and very few frills, but that is how we like it. We do however go out for a meal at least once a month. A lot depends on your way of life, and how much you want to hang on to the normal everyday things, that so many find they just cannot do without. We both prefer the simple life, but done with a computer hahaha. I dare say everyone's take on this will be different. Jo

Nev Wells said...


I was thinking of more your lifestyle rather than keeping a job and car type living on a boat. The spend on the car seemed just so much (on reflection as I just paid it at the time as it is part of how I/we live at the moment) Made me think how much we work to pay such bills and very much like the way you describe, what is actually needed to live a very enjoyable life albeit missing some of what are considered by the marketing people ‘essentials’ Problem is to move me away from my consumer lifestyle will take some effort !
As it is I think any change for us is a couple of years away at least - but its nice to dream and plan and plan and dream a little more - got work out of my head for half an hour !

Take care


Keith and Jo said...

Hi Nev. I know exactly what you mean. But everyone should have a dream. It took Keith almost 40 years to realise his dream, so it is a good idea never to give up. Our lifestyle is very simple. Neither of us want for much out of life. I think that is the best way to look at it as well. If your expectations are to high, you may well get disappointed. Regards. Jo