Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fradley Junction is greatly improved

What great news - Ownerships have in fact taken over Swan line cruises - Ralph Freeman tells the story on NBW here

I blogged about it a little while ago here but was not expecting such a change. Reading Ralphs piece it suggests Ownerships will be making quite a difference. The pub is joining in too with a laundry next door. Fradley Junction has just gone up a few notches on the facilities scale - in fact I think it must now offer some of the best services on the cut?

I have said before I want to support my local boat yard - after being charged 20 quid for a pump out I took all my custom elsewhere. I think I'll keep a watching brief on the performance of the yard and they may get my business back if the Ownerships brand and quality of service are delivered.


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