Friday, 12 March 2010

Help needed on the colour of our boat

Waterlily is booked in for a complete paint job on the 22nd March. Only problem is we don't know what colours to have her done in. She is not the easiest on the eye so we have to account for that in her new colours. I like Jim's paint job on Starcross but Rachel is not so keen.

Any suggestions or pics of boats that have a colour scheme you think would work??



Halfie said...

Haven't you already asked this? Oh, no, wait. That was Neil of Herbie.

Starcross said...

Nev, I'm glad you like Starcross' livery, although my other half thinks we should have gone for a darker green. Since having it done I've realised however that there are quite a few other boats in similar style. Where are you having it done?

Nev Wells said...


Aqua at Mercia Marina - I liked Justin's approach to the quote and a very tidy workshop !!

Still not decided on colours and waterlily is with him now... !!