Monday, 22 March 2010

14 minutes or 8 hours....

To get from Fradley to Willington. Waterlily is now sitting at Aqua Narrow boats for her repaint. We moved her yesterday, it took us 14 minutes to get from Willington to Fradley by car. It then took us just short of 8 hours to get from Fradley to Willington by boat.

I know which trip I preferred.

This is the last photo of Waterlily on her home moorings in her old colours

It was a misty morning when we arrived for an early start

This is looking back at the Hunts lock mooring as we approached common lock.

The sun was out by the time we got to Alrewas lock

The Trent was very kind to us. We had the anchor out just in case as we always do when we cross this bit of River. We had carried a few worries that our trip to Willington would be blocked by a flooding Trent when we booked the paint job autumn last year !

This was a sad sight as Barton turns lock. No doubt someone had removed this fine Pike to protect the silver fish stocks. I do not agree with removing such predatory fish... I remember the fox and the hares story when I was at school.

My boot is there to show the size of the fish.

Interestingly we met an angler at the bottom of the lock (not saying he was guilty) We exchanged a few words about what he had caught. Surprisingly he commented it was just nice to get some peace and quiet. As he was about 10 yards from a very noisy A38 I had to presume he was talking about his wife !!

This was at Dallows lock in Burton. Such a shame some idiot had defaced such a fine statement of what Burton is all about.

We were photographing boats as we went along to get inspiration for the paint job.....We still have not decided/agreed.....

A perfect cruise that we will have to hang on to for about a month while Waterlily gets her new colours - whatever they will be !!



Chris said...

I sincerely hope that you figure out what colours you want before your painter finishes prepping and is ready to paint!

Cheers, Chris.

Nev Wells said...


No joke - we could end up with a rainbow paint job - or a clone Aqua hire boat !!

I need help and inspiration !!