Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sally Ash calls.....

BW's head of boating called me on Tuesday (I have a few posts lined up this week) regarding my complaint about linear moorings at Fradley, lack of consultation on moving my boat, and the BW policy of linear mooring removal.

I am impressed that she followed this complaint/rant up. I confess I am uncomfortable with making work for people like Sally as I know only too well the frustrations such extra workload brings. We agreed that I would get a response but I was happy for it to be a low priority as my new neighbour has moved in and she is a nice person and deserving of a nice mooring (even if it is part mine !)

So BW are back on the way up on my estimation - just those talking posts and lack of focus on boaters as a priority as prime users of the waterways.


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