Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Colours chosen - your comments please before we commit

OK, after much discussion we have decided to go for something based on this combination....

We have some questions regarding the roof....

1. Cream as per the coach lines
2. Green as per the side panels
3. Follow the red off the hand rails over the roof.

At present I prefer 2. There is an issue of reflecting heat but as we use the boat all year there may be times we want to collect the heat?

One other question is green on the gunwales or black. I prefer black as it will touch up easier and keep a tidier look.

Any other comments?



JR said...

Green on the roof and black gunwales - should look very smart!

Halfie said...

Nev, I like the green sides. I'd also keep the gunwales black and the top cream. If the insulation is up to the job the colour of the roof shouldn't make too much difference, and you might just occasionally want to relax there in the sun without burning yourself. If cream is better aesthetically then go for that.

Oh, look: Shadow has the same colour scheme! But it has to be your decision of course...

Bill Rodgers said...

I'd suggest cream for the roof since the solar gain you want when it's colder is when the sun is lowest in the sky and will contribute the least. In the summer, with the sun higher, you want the least solar gain. That's probably why cream is the traditional colour. As far as the gunwales are concerned, your thought about black sounds good to me. Good Luck.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Not cream - the light reflection is terrible in summer. I would go for either the green, or red oxide colour, even easier to touch in.

I agree about the gunwales, black is much better for retouching.



Chris said...

Hi there,

Can't really comment about the colour combination as that is a personal preference.

However, having already got white panels on our roof, I would be tempted to go for something darker second time around. In saying this, we have sand-mix up there too, so that helps the panels to collect the day to day crud. We never walk on the roof (other than to clean it), so the sand-mix is really superfluous. Basically, its more of a bind to us than an aid to avoiding slippage and, second time around, we would do away with the sand-mix as well.

Cheers, Chris.

Janys said...

I hear that it is a good idea to choose a different colour to the one already there - makes it easier to check when a new paint job is due.
I would definitely go for a darkish cream to reflect the sun, and certainly the black on the gunwales sounds sensible.

Lucky you to be in a position to even paint the boat! I'm still waiting for a mooring

Nev Wells said...

Thank you all for your positive comments to date - very useful.

Halfie - how spooky the colours we have chosen are so similar to Shadow -not so much red but it is the look we are after. I have checked and quite unintentionally we have opted for a very similar scheme to Sylph our Ownerships boat.

Must be some subliminal memories coming out I think...

Any other comments or observations. What about the cratch. I have always thought the glass circle whilst private makes the boat look a bit sad? Not sure why but I think a split glass cratch would make Waterlily look so much more grown up !


Ann/Kev said...

Hi Nev,
I agree with Halfie, though Bruce does have a point regarding sunlight reflecting off the roof. Our painter told us that red/maroon fades very quickly so Green seems a better option for the sides.
Kev & Ann

Nev Wells said...

Kev & Anne,

Thanks for the advice.... the info on fading is what I was interested in. My apprenticeship was in printing so I was aware of the lighfastness of printing inks but not sure it was replicated in boat paints.

Your comments have made me more certain about the choice. Plus when she does fade I think she will look a little more classic.


Captain Ahab said...

I agree - go for green. On WB the red has faded much more than the green - and thats after 3 years.
Also go for black gunnels - our red is always tatty and scratched.
The fade may be influenced by the paint supplier -

I suspect the Craftmaster are probably the best.

RapidPaint is very rugged and durable, but the red has faded more than expected

Johnsons standard colours seem very searing and acidic to my taste.


Starcross said...

Nev, Everyone I asked said that red fades faster than anything else, so green is a good choice. I didn't really think about the roof when I had Starcross done and had to make more or less an instant decision over the phone. I went for a matt finish on the roof to counter the glare as others have mentioned (even with this I nearly hit an oncoming boat head on steering into low sun one morning).
Gunwales can only be black! Look forward to seeing the new look.