Saturday, 27 March 2010


And you still clicked the link..... !!

Waterlily is in the dry dock next week. Justin from Aqua Narrowboats - the link is to their blog which should please Andrew Denny from Granny Buttons did some paint thickness tests and found she has thick paint as she has been well coated from maroon to grey he decided to get in a shot blaster to take her right back to steel.

This is how she looked on her last cruise ...

And this is how she looks now - all defrocked ready to be stripped back and given her new coat.

Hasn't she got a dumpy front end.... we did consider a stretch like Caxton had but she just does not have the bow to make it look good as well as the fact she comes in on the cabin as part of the foredeck. Never mind, we quite like the quirky look.

Hopefully next week I'll have some pics of her in the doc stripped bare !!

One thing Justin at Aqua has been great in putting up with our dithering, he has also given us access to the gate so we can pop in and get some pics for the blog.

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