Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ownerships and Fradley Junction

Last time I spoke with the owners of the boat yard at Fradley they told me they were maintaining quite a few Ownerships boats. I have just read on Ralph Freemans section of Narrowboat world that they (Ownerships) may be taking over the yard at Fradley. This is good news as we moor close to there, especially so as whilst the owners are friendly I am not 100% happy with them - especially after being charged 20 quid for a pump out last year !!

I would like to use my local yard as much as possible so I'll watch with interest the changes. It makes me wonder about the moorings there - If Ownerships do have it as a base I would expect a cheaper mooring rate for their boats so demand would be high on an already busy section. Some days it is one way traffic between Junction and Middle locks.

Fradley is a gongoozlers paradise. If was a bright but cold day when we came back from our Feb14 cruise (noticed the email address??) The visitors were out in full force - the car park was close to full - including the overspill car park.

Rachel in chatting form with the gongoozlers.

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