Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Waterlily 1 Nev 0

When I took Waterlily out with a couple of friends last year..... clicky, I sustained an injury.

This is quite unusual as I am careful when aboard. However whilst standing on the gunwale at the back I lent over the side to reach the book and slipped which made me pivot my body on my rib cage. At the time I felt something go and then got the pain I've had before with a cracked rib. If you have had a cracked rib before you will know the treatment is to just suffer the discomfort until it mends.

This was my chosen action but the discomfort was not easing as I expected it to. So a visit to the docs yesterday and he diagnosed dislocated cartilage - how hard am I?? Four months living with this (not that bad really) So hopefully the tablets I have been given will do the trick just in time for the serious cruising season.

So - take care out there, it would be a shame to miss the perfect summer I have ordered.


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