Sunday, 15 February 2009

Route planning, a busy week and a Geordie Valentines gft

Last minute holiday decisions are sometimes the best. I was not planning to take the half term week off but Rachel was. Over breakfast last weekend we decided we needed to refurbish the bathroom (house - we did the boat last summer) So a trip to the DIY shed later we had the materials sourced and a plan to get some work done in half term week. In fact the decision should have been made based on the other stuff we had on,

Selling my bike
Invitation to the Derby Manchester United FA cup tie
Our wedding anniversary (yesterday) - that's why we are the
Uni visit to Manchester for our youngest
Hospital appointment for Rachel
Visit from my father in law from Wales
Buying a bike (maybe)
Our eldest 21st birthday

Getting time on Waterlily.........................

The plan is to get away later in the week and then pick up the father in law at some point during our short cruise - so Mr Nicholson is my friend again - defiantly the Coventry this time .

My bike went north east yesterday.... two nice lads drove down and took it away. When we were doing the paperwork the lad who was buying it asked what the date was.... I advised it was valentines day and he was doing alright spending the biggest proportion of the day in a van traveling to buy a motorbike. He was ok with it as he had stopped off at a garage on the way and brought twelve red roses - well six actually and six tulips as the garage had run out of roses - them Geordies now how to treat their women !!


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