Thursday, 19 February 2009

To Waterlily and beyond.....well Hopwas actually

A small amount of excitement exists as I sit in bed typing this as we are off to Waterlily for a small cruise into the weekend. As I have blogged about before we are going off down the Coventry today but we have stuff to do before we start the cruise.

The new (old) car has to be collected and taxed but we are waiting for the cover note from the insurance company..... so we can't head off before that. When we get to cruise on Waterlily we need water and a pump out so that'll delay our progress.

The original plan was to cruise on down onto the Birmingham and Fazely canal (new to us) and wind at Curdworth (sp) bottom locks and then pick up my father in law at Hopwas for a cruise back on Friday/Saturday. I have managed to leave the Ncholsons on board so actual route planning will take place aboard after we have filled up and emptied......

Still nice to get aboard.



English Blogger said...

Have a good trip, the weather is looking good...and mind your ribs.

Halfie said...

You can always CanalplanAC

Nev Wells said...


I did use canalplan to give me a furthest point cruise. It is a really good bit of web work. I don't really understand the fact the web version is free and there is another version that costs 70 odd quid. I should investigate ..... also I wonder if the writer lives in a house that backs onto the Coventry - one of the houses at Whittngton has a very large poster
for canalplac on his shed !