Sunday, 8 February 2009

Angry Nev - I hope not

Maffie blogged about getting angry recently and a few people have replied - me being one of them Maffi's Boat: On being angry

Now I am a little worried about angry people who live on the cut. When I clock off off the last time hopefully I want to spend a good deal of time on my boat. I was rather hoping that when I get on my boat the angryness I exhibit and feel will go..... but then I read about angry canal people.... oh dear.

Now I reconcile my worries by way of thinking about what could make me angry on the cut, gates being left open, speeding boats, generators, dog poo and pinching locks?? (not in any order) And then I think of the godzillions of things that make me angry - working full time and all the associated 'arse' sorry to use that word but that is the best way of describing some of the stuff that goes on......

So it has to be a better type of angry, I just hope when my time comes to get on the cut more I can remember that the things on the cut that will make me angry pale into insignificance to what went before.....but I suspect we act based on the present not what went on in the past. So I could be angry Nev on the cut as well as angry Nev ashore.

Maybe I should start an angry list now so I could refer to it for comparison when afloat..., no that would just remind me of all the stuff that made me angry on the land.
Better to just be happy - like Bones seems to be, she never seems to exhibit anger?
Or I could rely on my old mate beer. Beer makes me happy then sleepy and not angry. Yep Mr Pedigree and friends will help me get through this !!

I'm off to carry out some research............................................................

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