Saturday, 7 February 2009

Treat yourself to a good read... I will

I may have commented that I do not read many books, I spend too much time on the internet. I recently read Jim's Starcross Blog about his 'day or reckoning' - good title He had recorded his cruising and compared it to previous years. We can't do that directly:
  1. We don't keep a detailed cruising log
  2. We have not had Waterlily two years yet

But I got to start looking back and was amazed how much I'd wrote and how enjoyable (to me) the blog was with all of its best cruising pictures. So over the weekend (most probably Sunday if the weather is pants) I'll give my blog a good read bottom to top. I think this will be a fine antidote for the poor weather with dash of anticipation for the cruising to come.....


Edited to explain I was not suggesting you read my blog, read your own or any other boaty blog ...........

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