Monday, 2 February 2009

So I talk to myself, that's ok isn't it?

It occurred to me earlier this week while I was having a conversation with Leia (that's my dog not my wife) I do talk to myself more and more. You know I feel quite relaxed about it - no, in fact I enjoy doing it.

I do have a feeling that as I get older talking to myself with become quite an enjoyable passtime. If for no other reason than on the rare occasion to date someone has caught me doing it, their reactions are worth the words to myself.

Having Leia about does help, it makes me feel that I am actually talking to someone (she it a one rather than a thing) Anyhow I say talk to yourself more and sod anyone who gives you a wide berth - Ahh that's it, the real benefit, people keep away - top tip that, chatter to yourself as you are mooring up and you will have the place to yourself the next day. I might just try random shouting in the near future..... ;-)



Bruce in Sanity said...

Take my word for it Nev, talking to yourself is fine. Even arguing with yourself is OK.

Only two things to watch out for:

1 Losing the argument
2 Not understanding what you are saying.

In case of either of these happening, it is essential that you give up work at once and become a liveaboard with the rest of us...



Nev Wells said...


I'm on it.... I'll be loosing arguments with myself by the beginning of the summer, I might have to call on you for professional comment for my early retirement claim ;-)