Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sunken boats

I really don't like seeing them. They look so sad, they must have given so much joy and now they seem so lonely, deserted and abandoned.

So why then did this boat have the most polished mushrooms I have seen for a long time......?? There must be a story to it.

It really was fine cruising weather, sun and little wind. We saw few boats for saying it was half term, so we felt we had the cut to ourselves. I took a video for the record of this mini cruise.

Rachel's dad came along and did some locking and some tiller work. He has not been on the boat for a while and did very well. He is very enthusiastic about the boat and we enjoy having him aboard.

We have a good list of people who want to come on the boat, starting tomorrow when our friend Charlotte who we visited in the 'fall' will be joining us for a pootle to Alrewas and back.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Nev, If I were you I would have second thoughts about not fitting an automatic bilge pump. For the small amount of power they draw they could keep a boat afloat for some considerable time before the batteries run out. We sprang a leak around the weed hatch whilst cruising and an automatic pump helped save the day. For the sake of £50 it could save a lot of heart break.

Nev Wells said...

Derek & Dot,

Thanks for taking time to post a comment. I know you are right, it's almost a challenge to the boats water tightness that I have not fitted one. Daft really and as you say for the sake of 50 quid it may save the boat..... I should check the insurance I suppose as I'm sure buried deep in the small print there will be some get out that says I should have a bilge pump fitted. One of the boat yards will be a early destination for a trip on my bike when collected Monday ;-)

Take care


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