Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A little story re the sad event at Willington on the T&M

On reading more info about the sad incident on the T&M yesterday I realized I met the bloke who died while on our July trip.

He was next boat ready to go down Stenson Lock. He asked if i was ok to lock us both down as he had a bad back - in the end we went down with another boat as he seemed more interested in chatting to other boaters than going down the lock. The boat we did go down with were very scathing about this individual. he was quite well known on the section of canal for a variety of reasons - none now worthy of mention.

I can see how the story of the boat being burgled came about as I recall his boat was 'individual' My strongest memory was of him with a very young pup (american pit bull I think) and his large Alsatian. He was telling me and another boater no one would give him trouble when the pup grew up......just goes to show how short and precious life is.


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English Blogger said...

I really dislike lowlife scum who think that anybody else's property can be theirs because they can take it. I don't care if it's millionaire's wallet or the contents or a car or boat.

Shame the law and the courts don't agree with me..10 minutes community service and a 50p fine that will never get paid. I'm so glad The Robber Button is in a Marina.

English Bloger NB The Robber Button