Friday, 6 February 2009

Someone did not like this guy

Just a small addition to my post about the boater who died at Willington on the T&M

It appears the Derby Evening Telegraph paper copy was correct about his boat being broken into.... this is from Narrowboat World - I would post a link but I can't link to their story direct.

"Last night (Wednesday), the man's boat was broken into and his vehicle quite extensively vandalised on the nearby car park, David King tells us, who believes the boat has now been removed to the nearby Mercia Marina.
There was a great deal of bad feeling about this boater by locals, and many complaints about his noisy generator and dogs."

He must have tested someone patience or someone had very little patience.



English Blogger said...

It really is sick, it doesn't matter if his generator or dogs were noisy, that doesn't justify violence does it? damaging this man's boat and car... I really hope that they find who did this and the get prosecuted.

Nev Wells said...

I fully agree, when I met him he seemed ok, its a real shame with so many miles of canal people still get involved with each other in a bad way.

I'll have a pint with him tonight even though I did not really know him, he was a boater and a human being.

Take care