Friday, 20 February 2009

Top buy recommendation.....if you like TV on your boat

Last time I was on Waterlily I spent a very productive morning sorting out the aeriel (putting up a permanent ariel and getting the wiring sorted)
I got the satellite working but it is still a faff. When we were buying food in Sainsburys before this trip I took a gamble on a £22 freeview box - branded as Red.

I plugged it in last night and even though I had not touched the aeriel for best signal it went through its set up and found lots and lots of tv channels all excellent quality. It must have a signal booster built into it.

I was very impressed this small bit of kit. It will replace the satellite for sure so if anyone out there wants an little used satellite set up for the boat (or home) drop me a mail before the system goes on ebay.


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