Friday, 9 October 2009

Old boats v's new boats

I'm not sure if I had the money I'd buy one of the apartment boats that seem to fill the boat mags and the shows.

Reading one of my many canal mags just released from the plastic I picked on an article about the Crick boat show (yep a bit behind on the reading) and was struck by the samey look of a lot of the boats.

Our boat is tidy but dated - I suppose it was the apartment boat of its day on reflection, but I like to feel I am not in an apartment or house but on the cut when aboard my boat. I like to have to put coal on the fire wash the pots by hand and do my number 2's in a bucket (ok not quite a bucket) It all adds up to feeling like I am away from the other life (not that that is so bad)

I have seen some boats that are built to look old which I suppose should my lottery tickets come up this weekend would be on my shopping list - ..... mmmm no I think I'd still go second hand.



Captain Ahab said...

I tend to agree. I bet you would worry more about a new scratch or dent if it was a £100k penthouse! Aa for mine - well, whats another scratch when I plough my way through the BCN!
I like your blog and have added it to mone - Captain Ahabs Watery Tales.

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comment. Not done the BCN but it is on the agenda. No doubt when we have our boat painted next year we will be a little more aware of what we are scraping against for the first few scrapes !

Take care